Discover Home Again

Discover Home Again

With over 20 years of experience, Explorer Homes, located in Sussex County, Delaware, provides home buyers with the best options for all their needs.
Through technology and research, our goal is to provide our customer with the greatest overall value for quality, affordability, innovation, and service.

Find out why you shouldn’t build your house with a crawl space

Project Management!

Explorer Homes is offering, for a limited time and a limited amount of customers, a project management option!

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Custom Homes

From 1,000sqft to 6,000sqft+ …

On Your Lot

Starting at $179,900

Call today to schedule a free estimate at your lot or home. If you are still looking for property, no problem, we partner with the best Real Estate Agents at the beach to help you find the perfect property. Even if you have talked to another Builder, and maybe especially if you have talked to another Builder you need to take competitive bids and we will work hard to earn your business. We are responsive to customer needs and call back!

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