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Explorer Homes(Inc) was in business from 2008-2013 building some of the most recognizable homes in Sussex County, Delaware, with one having the distinction of being featured on the “Beach to Bay Cottage Tour”, and others being certified “Green” by the NAHB. As one of the original Builder members of the Green Building Council for Delaware we sought to find a balance efficient design and cost.

Now with over 20 years experience in home building we are bringing back the best option for our customers. The Owner – Mike Kwiecien is a lifelong Builder. Starting as a jobsite gofer at 13 picking up trash and fetching tools for contractors in the Family he literally learned building from the ground up. From 17-22 he worked for three brothers at the Jersey Shore learning how to build a home from the ground up and became skilled labor. After completing a Bachelor’s Degree, from Rowan University in History, he joined the US Army. He earned the rank of Sergeant and became a successful heavyweight boxer finishing with a career record of 7-1 taking 2nd place in the 1st Infantry Division tournament. During this time he also got married, completed a deployment to Kosovo, and completed his Master’s Degree with the University of Oklahoma. It is this academic approach and work ethic that Mike brings his best everyday to Explorer Homes. After moving to Delaware in 2001 he spent time with three National Builders and two Regional Builders studying best practices for construction and business. While with these Builders Mike got valuable experience as a General Contractor, Carpenter, Purchaser/Estimator, Site Superintendent, REALTOR, New Home Salesperson, and Division Manager. Over his career he has built and sold over 200 homes. Now a Family man married for 22yrs with three wonderful children his main mission in life is to build the best home possible for as many people as he can.


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