Project Management

How does our Project Management service work?

Once an Owner has the Lot and contract for 10% Project Management fee, Explorer Homes will sit with Lot Owners and review our entire process from Design, Pre-construction meeting to review Lot/Fit, budget your home by taking multiple bids for all the trades needed to complete a quality custom “Home”.

We will visit the site and complete an accurate site cost budget, make recommendations for the construction of the Custom Home based on topography and soil conditions.  The Homeowner gets to be the GC, have Family member or friend you want to do the work – no problem, as your representative, we will contract all subs and verify their insurance.

We manage all Permits, HOA applications, the Construction of the Home, all inspections, the construction schedule and management of the build.

Project Management Incentive:

Must be contacted by September 2, 2019 (Labor Day) .
Limited to the first 10 contracts only.  Once ten contracts is reached incentive is null and void.


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