Why Explorer Homes?


Poured concrete Foundation with moisture proof insulation, fill dirt tamped and sleeved, with a 4″ slab poured on top.  Why is this method superior?

Our method is engineered to be stronger.  Ask yourself, would I park my car on my wooden floor joist?  Well our system is engineered similar to Garage Slabs, but Explorer Home’s STEM WALL SLABS are built higher to stay dryer.

In some ways this application makes more sense because you eliminate many of the factors that can cause a Crawlspace to make people sick namely moisture.  Our seasons can be severe and humidity can cause moisture in the tightest of spaces.

You certainly won’t have to worry about termites eating away at structural members under the home like joist, girders, posts, but that is just one example.  Often times after a major storm the only part of the home left standing is the chimney.  That is because concrete and cement make for rock solid structures and we will build your home on that “ROCK”.  Everyone knows that the Foundation is the base that the whole home sits and we believe this is no place to cut costs or keep building something just because that is what everyone is doing.

Besides being safer, healthier, and stronger, we can offer Radiant Heat in every room like the great Frank Lloyd Wright, who is arguably one of the greatest Architects in American History.  We can offer Concrete Front Porch and Rear Patio on all of our new Production Home Plans.

If a Home is located in a flood zone and the best method proves to be a Piling Foundation we use quality 30ft Marine Grade Pilings driven by a professional Piling Contractor and locate all Mechanical Equipment on platforms above base flood elevation.

Explorer Homes doesn’t want to build Crawlspaces, and you shouldn’t either!

Crawlspaces are a breeding ground for mold.  There is no perfect science to crawlspaces our environmental elements assure us of this and the success of mold remediation companies and crawlspace re-conditioning / encapsulation companies is proof.

Poor Air Quality
Once a crawlspace is conditioned or encapsulated it is dependent on some type of air exchanger and you are betting your health on the operation of that motor and that of a sump pump(s) and that nothing clogs that exhaust(Birds, Spiders, ???).  Anything sprayed down in the Crawlspace from insulation, termite treatments, construction materials, that off gas, can get sucked into HVAC system through leakage in the ductwork.  moisture, chemicals, equipment failure are not a recipe for heathy air inside the home.  HVAC Air Handlers will often require a condensation pump that leads a significant amount of water from the unit to the outside of the Foundation.  These pumps too can fail and when they do can pump water above the Poly Water-Barrier ponding and causing serious problems.

Fire Potential
Conditioned Crawlspaces require some serious electric requirements under the home to include: 220V for Air Handler, some Air Exchangers, plus additional dedicated circuits for Pumps, and Lighting.

These are just the main reasons but there are more why Explorer Homes will do everything in it’s power to talk Home Buyers out of having one.  We don’t want have their home with a crawl space, which has cost me time and money to maintain.  Instead Explorer Homes will build what we believe to be the best engineered Foundation and Floor System for Homes built on Delmarva and beyond.

Mission Statement

At Explorer Homes we are dedicated to every aspect of the customer experience. Our goal is to represent the greatest overall value for quality, affordability, innovation, and service on the Delmarva Peninsula. In so doing we will design homes that offer necessity and lifestyle with the livability of days gone by. Every customer will be treated equally in hopes that we may build all homes small and large. Through technology and research we will look to build the most energy efficient and healthy homes possible placing performance ahead of cost. Doing what is right and fair will supersede what is easy because we believe in the “Golden Rule”, Every day we show up we look to build lasting relationships with our customers so they,, and their families, can depend on us for all their new home(s) and project needs for generations.


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